Young lawyer Amanda-Nicoletta


Amanda-Nicoletta: I remember leaving my job interview at Rödl & Partner Law with a big smile on my face. I still have that feeling, and when I walk home from work in the evenings I feel joy and gratitude.

How did you find Rödl? 

I found Rödl & Partner through my good friend and colleague Aleksander Erik. I knew he worked at Rödl and asked if the law firm would be interested in a young and motivated colleague. I then arranged an interview with Alice Salumets, the head of the law firm and Country Manager of Rödl & Partner Estonia.The end of the interview marked the beginning of my journey at Rödl & Partner Law Firm, which has lasted for about half a year to date.


How do you value the working environment and the colleagues around you? 

I rate the working environment and colleagues at Rödl & Partner 11/10.The working environment is motivating and going to the office every day is a positive and enriching experience. Colleagues are very supportive and helpful and work is done as a team. In addition, the managers of all service lines (legal, tax, audit and accounting) are committed and contribute to the overall development of the staff and the company. In addition, what I like about Rödl is that it organises community events and is actively involved in charity work. 

What are the first emotions and feelings you got from Rödl? 

I remember leaving the job interview with a big smile on my face. That feeling has stayed with me, and when I walk home from work in the evenings I feel joy and gratitude. So the emotions and feelings are very positive. 

Did you set any expectations? Have they been fulfilled? 

I am committed to doing my best every day and developing my knowledge in as many areas as possible. I believe that I have so far delivered on this expectation and will continue to do so!

Where and who do you see your future? 

After my Master's degree, I plan to take the bar exam to become a lawyer at Rödl & Partner. There are a lot of development opportunities at Rödl, so I'm looking forward to the different challenges the future will bring.

Have you already specialised, found your direction? What topics are currently on your desk?

More specific specialisation will come later, but so far I have mostly been involved in commercial, tax and bankruptcy law. 

Are companies making an effort to attract young people to work for them? 

In my opinion, companies are trying more and more to attract young people, which is very positive. Companies tend to present themselves at various events, such as traineeship fairs or talks.

How important do you think the recruitment process is? 

I consider the interview process to be the most important part of the application process. Many companies nowadays prefer to conduct interviews virtually or have the candidate make a video of him/herself in order to save time, but I think face-to-face interviews are more beneficial for both parties. A face-to-face conversation allows the parties to get to know each other better, gaining additional emotional and behavioural cues. In Rödl, I also had a face-to-face interview. I think there is a charm in simplicity when it comes to the recruitment process, and young people tend to be put off if the process is made too complicated. 
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