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In an ever more challenging business environment, with international investments and transactions mounting in complexity, Rödl & Partner has succeeded in growing as a global provider of legal services with a distinctly European approach. 

We’ve consciously chosen to reject the usual full-service model. In just a decade, we’ve built a reputation as one of the leading boutique law firms, concentrating exclusively on foreign investments and international business transactions. With lawyers around the world working in this specialist field, Rödl & Partner has become one of the few truly integrated international law firms offering services worldwide.

Although we have traditionally focused on closely-held companies, our fast and efficient manner of providing practical, expert legal advice has also attracted multinational corporate clients. 

Rödl & Partner is able to offer a high level of service, based on our one face to the client approach. We provide a single point of contact and respond to a client’s legal question about any jurisdiction within an agreed period of time – often less than one business day. We can carry out an integrated legal, tax and financial due-diligence investigation for a complex business acquisition spread over many countries in just a few days. Few other firms in the world could match that.

We concentrate on:

  • cross-border investments and business acquisitions, mostly by private companies and their worldwide subsidiaries
  • multinational corporate and tax law issues
  • distribution and other commercial agreements for foreign jurisdictions
  • global intellectual property protection
  • labour and employment law for global businesses. 
Within our chosen fields of legal expertise we have built a reputation for speed and responsiveness that larger law firms find hard to match. Our offices across western and eastern Europe, as well as in East Asia, count among their partners and associate attorneys some of the leading practitioners in their respective country. 

Wherever we practise law, we make sure our teams include partners and senior lawyers trained and experienced in other jurisdictions, who become a permanent part of the local team. Unlike other broader-based firms, we abhor fly-in advisors who have no real link with the cultural and legal environment they so briefly work in. 

Every lawyer in Rödl & Partner – whether he or she has a local or foreign passport – has a personal, lasting connection with that country, while benefiting from a legal education, and often practice, in other countries.

We invest heavily in international training for our lawyers. Our investment in people – unique in the legal profession – allows them to look at every legal challenge not just with the eyes of a great lawyer, but with those of multinational organisations – our clients.


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