Company Secretarial Services


Rödl & Partner can advise businesses making foreign investments on all aspects of their duties under local company law, and help them carry out their obligations.

Our package of services typically includes:

  • company formation
  • legal procedures to change the officers of the company, change shareholdings, amend accounting reference dates, declare dividends, and so on
  • advice on directors' duties and responsibilities
  • maintaining statutory registers and minutes
  • preparing statutory documents for board and general meetings, minutes for such events
  • in certain jurisdictions, acting as the company's registered office. (Contact our global head of Corporate Services to find out in which locations we can act as your registered office.)
  • filing all necessary statements, accounts, forms, returns and resolutions on public record at commercial registers of the relevant jurisdiction
  • advising and assisting you with your tax compliance obligations
  • dissolving the company
  • We make sure that all company secretarial duties are performed correctly in all jurisdictions where your business operates. It’s a vital element of global risk management.


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