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Global markets require a global service approach. When delivering goods or services to a customer in a different jurisdiction, you need timely, cost-efficient advice on the risks and on ways to limit them.

As an experienced provider of legal services in many of the world's major trade and investment locations, we understand the pitfalls of international commerce. These include the risks of financial loss resulting from ineffective protection of title and other rights, lack of payment security and risks to reputation and market standing.

Our worldwide commercial law practice teams regularly assist clients in connection with the following issues:

  • drafting and negotiating commercial agreements, supply agreements, framework agreements, manufacturing agreements
  • distribution, dealership and agency agreements, indemnity payments for overseas commercial agents, exclusivity issues
  • franchising
  • legal advice on advertising, product labelling
  • consumer protection and product liability
  • data protection regulations, e-commerce
  • logistics agreements, supply chain management contracts
  • global sourcing, procurement arrangements
  • commercial property leases
  • consortia, non-equity joint ventures
  • international trade and investment regulations


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