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People are at the heart of any cross-border investment. They feature naturally in decisions about foreign direct investments or multinational projects. In an international setting, people and employment relationships are particularly complex.

We understand the challenges of such a move and have developed tools to limit risks and maximise executive effectiveness from an administrative, employment law, tax and social security point of view.

At Rödl & Partner our services in the area of human resources and employment law regularly include:

  • drafting employment contracts for senior executives, standard employment contracts for staff members
  • post-term restrictive covenants, confidentiality, non-competition issues
  • international expatriate consulting, employment law, social security and tax planning for international executives
  • benefits and compensation, pension schemes and their employment, tax and social security treatment, employee participation programmes
  • visas, work permits, immigration for international organisations
  • labour relations, consultation with employee representatives, trade unions, collective bargaining
  • termination of employment, separation agreements
  • restructuring, closing production sites and sales offices, layoffs
  • design and worldwide implementation of workplace policies
  • employment litigation


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