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International and local tax services


As a specialist service provider in the field of foreign direct investment, we look at tax as a natural aspect of every investment and transaction we advise on.

In many investment destinations around the world, Rödl & Partner has some of the leading local tax specialists. They advise foreign investors on structuring a tax-efficient project and look after client interests when dealing with local public authorities.

As many of our clients are privately held companies, we have a natural understanding of the interests of owners and their families when planning the tax structure for multinational businesses.

Our international tax services often include all of:

  • structuring tax-efficient multinational groups
  • international holding structures
  • trusts
  • choice of corporate form for overseas subsidiaries
  • dividend routing
  • tax planning for international group financing, mergers and acquisitions, exit strategies
  • permanent establishments
  • double-tax treaty issues in connection with licensing agreements, allocation of overhead and management fees
  • succession planning
  • investment fund planning, closed-end funds, property, media, leasing funds, special fund structuring
  • expatriate consulting
  • VAT, GST and direct tax services


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