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For regional companies, as well as for multinational corporates, outsourcing is a standard feature of commercial life. Many, if not most, companies use specialists to help with production and logistics. Businesses are learning to focus on what really adds value to them – core activities relating to customers, products and services – and letting outside specialists look after the rest.

When a company sets up a subsidiary abroad, it must concentrate on marketing its products and services. Building up a big, dedicated administrative team can be costly and take up a disproportionate amount of management time.

Often there are laws and regulations the parent company is unfamiliar with. In some parts of Latin America or Eastern Europe, for example, business formalities, financial regulations and tax requirements can be daunting.

Rödl & Partner takes them over and provides a professional service for many or all the subsidiaries, integrating seamlessly with their head office functions.

The accounting services provided by Rödl & Partner OÜ are certified ISO 9001:2015. by Rödl & Partner OÜ developed, documented and implemented its quality management system (QMS) in 2013 in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard and the original certificate of approval was issued on 27.10.2013. 

In 2017 the quality management system successfully made the transition to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Every year the QMS undergoes a re-audit, which, when passed successfully, verifies that our company is committed to the method and model of quality management described in the standard. In September 2019, the management system of Rödl & Partner OÜ successfully passed the recertification audit and was again approved by the business assurance services provider Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited and awarded with ISO 9001:2015 certificate of approval no 10218582.

The scope of the certificate of approval is applicable to accounting services, payroll accounting, and address and contact person services. 

The quality management system ensures that the services provided meet the quality standards of the clients and the services are provided in accordance with established regulations and legislation. The main focus of the quality management system of Rödl & Partner OÜ lies on enhancing customer satisfaction and continual improvement of the management system.

We provide the following accounting and financial services in Estonia:
  • accounting
  • payroll
  • tax accounting
  • reporting to management and owners
  • preparation of consolidated and unconsolidated reports (IFRS, IFRS SME reports)
  • preparation of annual reports
  • non-resident tax agent services


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