Tax compliance


Efficient business processes must include a watertight system for meeting all your regulatory obligations in each local jurisdiction.

This applies particularly to declaring and paying taxes, social security and other contributions, as well as to timely filing documents with public registers, and maintaining books and registers for local businesses.

Meeting your organisation's worldwide tax obligations at local, regional and national level is an important element in managing risk and resources. Successful international businesses increasingly look out for opportunities to maximise the efficiency of their global tax compliance processes.

Rödl & Partner is a service provider with a distinctive European approach to dealing with the challenging, constantly changing worldwide tax environment.

Our compliance services regularly include:

  • preparing or reviewing local GAAP annual accounts
  • fiscal agency arrangements
  • preparing periodic tax returns, corporate income tax, VAT/GST returns and filings
  • monitoring payment dates for tax and social security payments
  • analysing and calculating tax liabilities on dividend payments
  • payment processing


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