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At Rödl & Partner we have a unique structure as a truly integrated global firm. That, and our approach to high quality, independent audit services, prepared us well for the turmoil in the global business world.

With offices in most of the world’s major business locations, we offer audit services for financial statements around the world in line with both local accounting principles and those in force where the holding company resides.

Assurance in an international business also demands in-depth analysis of possible risks to future development. This applies whether it’s a local business subsidiary or a joint venture that’s expected to achieve specific results.


Many years ago we addressed the issues that accompany our structure as a multi-disciplinary practice. Recent regulatory changes in many countries have rightly focused on separating audit and advisory services to public companies. But early on Rödl & Partner already adopted risk-management processes that preclude conflicts of interests.

Businesses and public companies in particular, which we serve as independent auditors, receive no services from Rödl & Partner that could cause a conflict of interest in any way.

Most of our clients, however, are private companies whose management and owners often value an integrated approach across professions. So we provide multi-disciplinary services to private companies, but in strict compliance with regulations in every country. Where the situation demands, we make sure a client has access to the best external advisors from independent partners.

International auditing is a complex process. When it’s performed to our exacting standards it boosts the value of a client’s business. For this reason we refuse to join the race to offer ever-lower fees to win new clients, despite the pressure from some larger competitors. Long-standing clients, and many new ones, share our view.

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