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​Hints and tips on managing debtors

According to the Bank of Estonia, the country is heading towards recession and due to ongoing high inflation, the purchasing power will also decrease. This means that there is less money available, more care is put into giving any out and it is also time to pay more attention to debtors. Since some time has passed from the last recession, it is appropriate to remind ourselves – what can be done to recover money from debtor?

​Supply-chain compliance and due diligence in Estonia

Supplying and distributing a specific product or service from the beginning to end is what is known as the supply chain process (involving sourcing of materials, R&D, manufacture, finance, distribution & marketing, customer service). A 2015 survey from Cone Communications  found that 9 out of 10 millennials would switch brands to one associated with a more ethical cause - for a $100 product, customers were willing to pay an average of $27 more if it were made under good working conditions, $19.50 more if the production's carbon emissions were offset and $18.50 more if the raw materials were ethically sourced. 


​Tax Table 2022 | The Baltics provides a summary of the main taxes in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  


Our factbook informs you about the roots, beliefs and goals of Rödl & Partner. We will take you on a journey inside our firm and tell you where we come from, how we think and feel and how we see the future. 
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​Value Added Tax (VAT) Guidelines: An overview of VAT regulations in Estonia 
Attorney-at law Alice Salumets gives a comprehensive overview of the VAT regulations in Estonia »

Amendments to the Employment Contracts Act

The year 2022 brings about significant amendments to the Employment Contracts Act in relation to the necessity to take over Directive (EU) 2019/1152 of the European Parliament and of the Council on transparent and predictable working conditions in the European Union.

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​​Moot Court Competiton & Rödl & Partner Law Firm

The Estonian Moot Court Association has been organizing the Moot Court Competition since 1998, and Rödl & Partner Law Firm has the honour to be one of the major sponsors of the competition. 

We are delighted that Ilona Nurmela, a founding member of the Estonian Moot Court Society, is one of the attorneys-at-law in our office today. Ilona was also part of the panel of judges for the oral round of the competition.

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 Virtual reality: Our Baltic offices in 360 degrees

​Get to know us virtually and experience our working atmosphere and core brand values up close. We offer you exciting insights into the world of Rödl & Partner by using 360 degree technology. 


​Almost 50 interviews: Find out about the oppor­tunities and challenges of entering a new market or expanding locally. 

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